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We're celebrating

Our 10th Anniversary


Thank you to all our wonderful clients who made the last 10 years so enjoyable.

We look forward to taking tea

with you very soon.






Author Cynthia Reyes
Spotlights Simply Splendid Victorian Tea



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Introducing our new
10th anniversary menu items

Along with our Classic Victorian Tea Sandwiches, we're introducing new ones distinguished by subtle layerings of flavours and textures and adapted from Southern US afternoon tea traditions.

Lady Annabel's Carrots and Currants Tea Sandwiches

(A favourite with Yonung Ladies and Young Lords)
Victorian Cheddar Cheese and Walnut Tea Sandwiches
Southern Style Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Goat Cheese and Toasted Pecan Sandwiches
Our Simply Wonderful Waldorf Chicken Tea Sandwiches

As well as
Red Chili Chocolate Petits Gateaux
Coconut Macaroons



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